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I love doing commercials!

This is a recent spot playing all around the US. Even my baby cousin in Massachusetts has seen it! Her dad told me that she goes up to the TV, points, and says "Sony!"

Heart melting... :)

It's special to me that even though I can't be around all of my family all the time, they still have some part of me showing up in their houses. It may be silly, but that's really how I feel.

Sometimes actors complain about commercials but I am so incredibly grateful to this source of imagination that I get to be a part of. Yes there is the obvious marketing element to it, but the people working on commercials are creatives! They care about making a worthwhile project. Often, they are coming from narrative work and needing the paychecks to take care of their families.

We live in a world where advertising works. Since this is the case, doing so in a positive, ethical, humorous and overall loving manner is admirable to me. I've seen commercials that touch me so deeply that I cry. If doing that in 30 seconds isn't impressive to you, try it sometime and gain some understanding!

Anyways. This is just a little post to say THANK YOU to all the casting agents, production companies, directors, and clients who have trusted me to be in their commercials.

I am grateful.


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