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Wheat Field

The Widow

"The Widow" is a short script about a woman alone on the prairie. Her husband is gone and an unsavory stranger rides up looking for shelter, putting her in dangerous territory. 

Submission to Couch Film Collective

Hello! My journey in filmmaking began as an actor first. Like many actors, I wanted to go beyond my typical casting and play characters that were interesting and challenging to me. So I began writing with myself in mind for certain roles. As much as I appreciate and love workingon any story that enlightens us to some aspect of the human experience, I really wanted to tell the stories that I felt were unusual and underrepresented. I wrote, produced, and acted in a short film, entitled Roomies, that was shot for $800 in my old apartment. It was a female lead stoner comedy, something I had never seen before. Later, while living in Los Angeles, I wrote and produced another short, a western. For some reason, I never focused on submitting either of those for festivals. The experience of completing them was enough for me at the time, and I suppose I saw too much room for improvement. However, I am very interested in submitting new work to festivals. Now I focus a lot on writing. This particular story I am submitting, The Widow, has garnered a lot of interest from some filmmakers I really respect. Several directors have been interested in making it, so I am now seeking out funding opportunities. I realize that this script does not pass the Bechdel test. However, I felt it was worth submitting anyways because it fits all other requirements and there are only two characters in the script total. In my humble opinion, it is certainly a feminist story. My vision for this script is to bring to life an incredibly cinematic, surprising western tale where no one is inherently “good”. I see the dry landscape of the open prairie as kind of another character, almost taking sides with the woman. My resources to create this film include all the people I know who are eager to make

this a reality, the stunning Eastern Oregon landscape, and my experience as a professional actor. My life as a filmmaker is only going to grow and I look forward to making that happen.

Thank you to Couch Film Collective and organizations like it for supporting women and minorities in film and for this opportunity!


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Mood Board

Inspiring images that help to show the feel and tone of The Widow.

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Interested in helping bring this film to life?

We are looking for enthusiastic, positive collaborators to make "The Widow" a reality. 


Current Group of Awesomeness

Actor "Widow", Writer, Producer

Actor "Cowboy", Producer

Producer, AD

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