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Behind the Scenes!

What goes on behind the #actorlife hashtags and the endless head shots?

The answer: a lot.

The beauty of being an actor is that all life experiences are valuable and useful to our profession. That in itself has always felt like a bit of a cheat to me. By being an actor I hacked life a little and instead of feeling the full crushing weight of experience, I always had this idea in the back of my head that this would AT LEAST be useful to my craft. Sounds a bit masochistic when I type it out but it is nonetheless true.

That said, I am aiming these days to feel the fullness of experience regardless of what it may give me in my craft because after all, this is my life. As far as I know, I only get this one. And those "real people" that I want to portray? Well they don't have that luxury of a little cheat like I do. Continuing to see the world through new and optimistic eyes feels key. It's easy to loose when life gets us down, but I find over and over again that it's the happiest place to be.

I believe one of the most challenging aspects of an #actorslife is to maintain balance and joy. Amidst constant "rejection" and also those alluring bouts of "success", the important things in life get a smidge crowded out. If I find myself spending too much time thinking on a could-have-been or a should-have-said I know I'm off. Balance, no matter what your profession or how your life looks, is an important aim. Rudyard Kipling's poem "If" says that we must treat the two imposters, Disaster and Triumph, just the same. That is one way I believe we can help ourselves maintain a sense of balance. Whether you are seemingly winning or loosing is beside the point. Are you having fun? Are you enjoying your work? Do you feel like you have purpose and meaning in your life?

Over and over, I find that acting brings joy to my life. It, along with MANY other things, brings meaning. Acting is one of my great true loves. And I also know that it is not a stand-alone endeavor for me. So many things in life captivate me. This planet is magical and deserves our care and respect. Stories inspire me. Real people with real struggles, including my own, make me marvel at being human. Flowers, books, travels, wind, emotions, pain, rain, the turning of seasons, my body, my soul. The list is endless.

These are just some of the thoughts behind the scenes of the hashtags.

Did you want a more typical BTS list?

Alright! Give the people what they want! ...these are just some of the practical things an actor does:

Photo by @jenniferalysephotography

*script reading


*audition prep/coaching

*classes and new learnings

*updating of photos

*prepping costumes/makeup

*online profiles

*agent communication

*audition scheduling

*casting director workshops

*dialect coaching

*website updates/content

*resume updates

*keeping track of bookings and expenses


Thanks for reading! Hoping you are feeling beautiful, fulfilled, and finding appreciation for who you are today!


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